Princess Street Group Practice
2 Princess Street

Non-Routine Appointments & Referrals

Non-Routine Appointments

You can ask our reception team to book you an appointment for the following:

  • Cervical Smears with our nurses (20 minute appointment)
  • Ante-natal and post-natal checks with GP
  • Travel Clinic
  • Health checks
  • Over 75 checks
  • Smoking cessation appointments

For some other services you will need to have a referral made by your GP:

  • Minor operations
  • IUD fitting
  • Dietetics service

If you have an ongoing medical condition you may be invited to attend one of the following clinics/appointments for a regular review:

  • Diabetes clinic
  • Coronary Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) clinic
  • Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) clinic
  • Asthma review
  • BP checks

Urgent Problems

If you have a problem that cannot wait for the next available booked appointment then please call our reception team on 020 7928 0253. The best time to call is between 8.00am and 10.30am when someone will call you back wihitn an hour.

Later in the day it may take a bit longer to call you back as our clinicians may be seeing other patients or going on home visits. When you speak to our reception team they will ask you for your name and contact number and will also ask you for a brief description of your problem.

This is to help the clinician prioritise the calls. You do not have to give this information about your problem but it would be most helpful if you could.

They will arrange for our duty clinician to call you back and assess your needs. When they speak to you will make a plan with you which may include giving you advice over the phone, booking you an urgent appointment to be seen later in the day or suggesting a routine appointment on another day.

Please note: we no longer operate a walk in service for urgent problems.

Speak to a doctor

If you want to speak to your usual GP, or a GP who has been dealing with a particular health issue, treatment plan, referral or medication, then you can ask our reception team who can then arrange for the GP to ring you when they are not seeing other patients.

If you need to speak to a doctor about an urgent matter then this will normally be our Duty Doctor who can ring you back.

Please be ready to provide your telephone number and a brief outline of what the issue is about in order to help the GP to speak to you.

Sometimes your GP may arrange to ring you at a particular time to discuss a particular issue rather than book you an appointment – they will discuss this with you beforehand.

Home visits

Home visits are for people who are too ill or disabled to come to the surgery.

  • Except in emergencies, telephone the surgery between 8:00am and 10:00am or as early as possible.

Please be prepared to give the receptionist full details of the patient, the address and the nature of the problem.

A doctor will phone you back for further information to discuss your concerns and arrange a home visit if necessary.

Home visits are normally carried out after lunchtime and whilst we try to give you an indication of the time it is not always possible to be exact about the time the duty doctor will see you.

Have a District Nurse visit you at home

District nurses can provide a service to house-bound patients. This can include dressings, suture removals and other nursing care.

Either a nurse or GP at the practice can make the arrangements for the district nurse to see you at home.

Be referred to hospital

Your GP may decide, after discussion with you, that a referral to the hospital is needed for further treatment or investigation. 

You then have a choice as to which hospital you wish to attend. A lot of our patients attend either Guys and St Thomas’s Hospital or Kings College Hospital but your GP will discuss with you which hospital you prefer.

The practice uses a system called ‘Choose and Book’ which can give you information about waiting times for different specialities in different hospitals and will give you the opportunity to book an appointment at a time that is most convenient to you.