Our Achievements

Royal College of General Practitioners Quality Practice Award

We achieved this award in 2005 and again in 2011. We spent nearly 18 months reviewing key areas of work and providing evidence to demonstrate the quality of our practice for both patients and staff who work here. We had to provide evidence that we attained a number of quality markers and were then assessed by a panel of assessors appointed by the RCGP. This award is given to us for a 5 year period and reflects the work of the whole practice team.

Quality and Outcomes Framework

In 2005 the government introduced the Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF) which all GPs could take part in if they wished. This gives us a series of quality indicators in both clinical and non-clinical areas that we have to meet. They often change every year as they are reviwed by the NHS and updated. When we meet certain targets the practice received an incentive payment which the practice reinvests into running the practice. We have onsistently scored near maximum points on the QOF.

Training Practice

We are a training practice and have trained over 100 new GPs in the time we have been at Princess Street. Our trainers (existing GPs) and the practice systems, staffing and organisation is regularly assessed through the London Deanery who approve us as a training practice. We also train Foundation year doctors who are in the early stages of their medical training and spend 4 months in general practice to experience this specialty.

We also train other medical staff including medical undergraduates and occassionaly pharmacists. We have a number of ‘approved’ trainers who are regularly assessed by external organisations.

Patient Surveys

The practice undertakes a number of surveys of our patients to get views on our service and possible future developments. We have found this to be invaluable when reviewing the quality of our service and any future developments. Please see our page on patient involvement with our patient reports. If you want to get involved please email: SOUCCG.PSGP-Admin-GMB@nhs.net

Working with local colleagues

We are strongly committed to working with our local colleagues in other practices and our local primary care organisation (Southwark Clinical Commissionig Group) to deliver and develop high quality primary care services to the local population. Members of our team regularly take part in activities with local organisations to further this aim including membership of local medical committees, strategic, advisory and commissioning groups. Our practice is also a member of the local GP federation of 24 north Southwark practices called Quay Health Solutions which is a community interest (not for profit) organisation delivering local services.